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Thanks to the stability of our teams and the diversity of our professional cultures, both public and private, Adaltys is able to offer technical and precise support combined with renowned pragmatism and efficiency. Our lawyers work closely with their clients on a daily basis to implement their projects and make the law a lever for the security and performance of their activities.

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Benjamin Achard Lawyer
Mohamed Ait Sidi Hammou Documentalist - Information Manager
Anthony Alaimo Lawyer
Pauline Armand Lawyer
Caroline Bales Lawyer
Christophe Barnier Lawyer
Octavie Biechler Lawyer
Kathie Blanchard Jurist
Benjamin Boiton Partner
Julien Bosquet Lawyer counsel
Caroline Boubée Legal Assistant
Sofia Bouherrat Legal secretary
Séverine Buffet Lawyer
Hanan Chaoui Partner
Marie-Christine Combes Partner
Virginie Corbalan Lawyer
Henri Debliquis Lawyer
Martin Declosmenil Lawyer
Cyril Delcombel Partner
Coralie de La Fonchais Lawyer
Rabha Drouiche Legal assistant
Anne-Laure du Chattel Marketing & Communication manager
Pierre-Adrien Dubroca Lawyer
Julie Gomez Partner
Christophe Grélard IT manager
Anne-Margaux Halpern Lawyer
Xavier Heymans Partner
Lydia Houmer Lawyer
Nathalie Landureau Legal assistant
Valérie Laurent General secrétary
Gilles Le Chatelier Partner
Sylvie le Damany Partner
Edouard Lemoalle Partner
Laurence Lenfant Assistant
Jérôme Lépée Partner
LI Huini Partner
Anne-Claire Louis Avocat Counsel / Attorney-at-law
Robin Manoury Lawyer
Sabine Marquet Lawyer
Pauline Matteï Lawyer
Sonia Megani Legal assistant
Stéphanie Mocher Responsible for responding to calls for tenders
Katty Moly Logistics & Quality Manager
Amandine Moullé Balbi Lawyer
Bertrand Moutte Lawyer
Adeline Mussat Partner
Naïma Bellakhdar Legal assistant
Clément Nourrisson Partner
Philippe Nugue Partner
Lucie Paitier Partner Lawyer
Cécile Palavit Lawyer
Jean-Marc Petit Partner
Clément Petrolli Lawyer
Estelle Pezet Lawyer
Pauline Platel Lawyer
Anthony Quevarec Lawyer
Alban Renaud Partner
Mylène Rex Legal assistant
Simon Rey Partner
Chantal Ricci Legal assistant
Jennifer Riffard Lawyer
Julie Roche Counsel Lawyer
Emilie Saint-Lager Lawyer
Denis Santy Partner
Marjorie Schnell Partner
Arnaud Schrive Lawyer
Valérie Spiguelaire Partner
Thalassa Revel Receptionist
Quentin Untermaier Lawyer
Valérie Margant Legal assistant
Chloé Vincent-Hytier Lawyer
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