At the coreof metropolises
and territories

Adaltys extends its operations in the main French and Chinese metropolises.

Proud of its French and regional origins, Adaltys aims to always be as close as possible to its customers and their reality. Keeping a hands-on approach, grasping the potential of each territory and supporting national and local public and private players, such is the promise of a firm open to France, overseas territories… and beyond.

A French expertise in China since 1992

Adaltys is one of the first French law firms to set up in China, in the metropolises of Beijing and Shanghai.

01 A historic presence

Present in China since 1992, Adaltys holds the oldest licence issued to a foreign law firm by the Chinese Ministry of Justice.

02 A nationwide influence

Adaltys has two offices in Beijing and Shanghai and is present, thanks to cross partnerships, in some thirty cities in China, covering the most important areas of the Chinese territory.

03 A trilingual French-English-Chinese team

Our mixed Franco-Chinese teams are made up of experienced lawyers speaking French, English and Chinese, and managed by our French partner, who has been working locally for over 15 years.