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Funeral activity, for easily understandable human reasons, is one of the most regulated activities.

In this sector of activity, local and regional authorities are key players, whether they operate directly or through dedicated external structures (semi-public companies (SEM), local public companies (SPL) etc.), both to guarantee the effectiveness of a necessary local service, where appropriate, and to ensure that it is accessible at a cost which can be borne by the deceased's close relations.

Local authorities are involved at several levels in the funeral sector, whether it be in terms of the Mayor's police power in this area, acting as the contact point for service users in difficult times, in the management of cemeteries or other dedicated spaces (cinerary spaces, crematoriums, burial chambers, etc.) or in the setting up of ad hoc and dedicated structures (public service concession contracts, etc.).

For more than thirty years, Adaltys has been assisting public players of the funeral industry, on a daily basis, in the organisation of the activity (evaluation, reorganisation, legal set-up of projects and structures), and in providing answers to all questions.

Adaltys is involved in all issues relating to internal and external institutional operations, in both advisory and litigation matters. Our team's expertise provides you with operational and fully secure advice to successfully carry out all your projects.

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Le code pratique des opérations funéraires (Practical Code of Funeral Operations), published by Le Moniteur


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