Public-private partnerships

Combining its experience in working with public authorities and its extensive knowledge of the full range of available contractual tools, Adaltys has been involved for more than fifteen years in numerous public-private partnership projects, regardless of the legal form they may take, whether contractual and/or institutional.

Our teams assist and advise both public authorities and sponsors at all stages of the projects (preliminary assessment, contracting procedure, creation of dedicated companies, construction, operation and termination).

In terms of public-private partnerships, Adaltys covers the main sectors of public action: water, sanitation, waste, energy, public transport, education, sports, health.

Adaltys has significant experience in the field of infrastructures, in particular ports, airports, motorways and railways.

Adaltys is also renowned for its mastery of public-private partnerships in terms of university residences and energy production units.

Adaltys' in-depth knowledge of the needs and expectations of both public authorities and sponsors is a real added value for its clients, particularly in the context of negotiations at the contracting stage or during the execution of contracts.

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