Transport & mobility

A determining sector of public policies, transport whether it is road, rail, air, cable, maritime or river transport, of people and/or goods, is now integrated into a more global logic of mobility. Carrying multiple stakes for public persons and private operators, the field of transport is subject to multiple imperatives&nbsp;: the liberalization of the air and rail sectors, the integration of environmental subjects, the diversification of means of transport, the consideration of new uses and their necessary interconnection, the development of urban logistics, etc. At the confluence of issues of territorial planning, articulation of competences between public persons and optimization of contractual arrangements, it is imperative for all operators to have a transversal expertise.&nbsp; <strong>ADALTYS</strong> has established itself over time as a privileged partner of public entities to advise and assist them in the integration and mastery of new skills, in the development of mobility offers adapted to the needs of their population and to the requirements related to the environmental issue while ensuring the optimization of management methods. Our expertise enables our public and private clients to carry out ambitious projects that are part of the energy transition (creation of CNG stations, electric vehicle charging stations, hydrogen stations, etc.). The firm has also developed over the past years a significant experience in urban logistics.

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