Shoreline and Mountains


A pioneer in the field of Mountain Law, Adaltys is one of the most active law firms in this area.

Our team of specialised lawyers assists public players in their projects by providing them with high-quality expert assistance.

Key issues

  • Specificities of urban planning law in mountain areas and institutions specific to mountain areas (inter-regional mountain range agreements (ententes interrégionales de Massif), mountain range committee (Comité de Massif))
  • Complexity of the legal framework relating to the operation of public ski lift services
  • Specific measures related to the construction of the facilities and equipment necessary for the operation of a ski area (mountain law easement (servitude Loi Montagne))
  • Specificities of the modalities of tourist development in mountain areas (creation of new tourist units)

Our assets

  • Cross-disciplinary skills (urban planning law, public contract and services law, etc.).
  • Local public, tourism law, transport and ski lift law, budget law and local finance, development and contract taxation, project management and set-up, etc.).
  • A long-standing and recognised experience ensuring high quality support based on many years of practice and a unique know-how
  • Local establishments favouring the proximity and availability of our teams. Adaltys is present in Lyon (historical headquarters), Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille and Rennes.


Since 2015, our firm has acquired unique expertise in coastal risk management and coastal development by successively intervening for:

  • The Ministry of Ecological Transition within the framework of the National Strategy for Integrated Coastal Management from 2017 to 2018 (identification of existing legal tools and new tools),
  • Many local and regional authorities and Public inter-municipal cooperation institutions (EPCI- Établissement public de coopération intercommunale) for:

- Diagnostic studies on the evolution of the coastline,

- The development of their local strategy,

- The relocation of road infrastructure and equipment required due to coastline recession,

- The renewal of leases issued on properties threatened in the short term by the risk of erosion,

- The implementation of original provisions of urban planning schemes (PLU- Plan local d'urbanisme) which, adopted following the development of its local coastline management strategy, aims to authorise only temporary constructions in an urbanised sector exposed to the risk of erosion by 2050,

- The revision of beach plans.

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