Institutional law of local authorities and their groupings and intercommunal law

Adaltys guides you through the challenges you may encounter regarding the workings of your local authorities (municipalities, departments, regions, the Lyon Metropolitan Area and special-status local authorities), but also your groupings of local authorities (communities of municipalities, conurbations, urban areas, metropolises, Territorial Public Establishments of the Greater Paris Metropolis (Etablissements Publics Territoriaux de la Métropole du Grand Paris), inter-municipal associations, mixed associations, Territorial and rural balance centre (PETR- Pôle d'équilibre territorial et rural) and Metropolitan centres (Pôle Métropolitain)).

Adaltys also provides you with high added value support to respond to all the issues which may arise during the creation and implementation of new municipalities or inter-municipal structures (community and trade union mergers, community transformation, community split, dissolution, etc.), during any statutory changes (withdrawal of members, accession of new members, etc.), but also during transfers of competence. Our firm will help you determine the appropriate procedure to be implemented to ensure the completion of your political project, as well as to understand the impact of such procedures on staff, assets and satellite structures.

Adaltys possesses recognised experience in providing assistance in determining and implementing conventional modes of cooperation with other public legal entities (mutualisation mechanisms, joint service, provision of service, procurement consolidation, consolidated service, etc.).

Adaltys has developed recognised know-how in inter-municipal law and in the operation of local authorities and their groupings. Our firm advises a varied clientele, consisting of municipalities, departments, regions, special-status local authorities, inter-municipal public cooperation establishments and mixed associations. 

Our experienced lawyers are renowned for their expertise in these matters and will provide you with operational and high value-added advice to address any issues you may encounter in these areas.

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Several reference works on these themes

“Guide de l’élu intercommunal” (A guide for elected intercommunal representatives), published by Territorial (January 2021),

“Loi engagement et proximité. Guide opérationnel des collectivités et de leurs groupements” (Law on commitment and proximity. Operational guide for local authorities and their groupings), published by Territorial (May 2020),

“La mutualisation en pratique, du schéma aux divers dispositifs conventionnels” (Mutualisation: A practical approach, from the outline to the various conventional mechanisms), published by Territorial (November 2015), in partnership with the Assembly of French Local Authorities (ADCF- Assemblée des communes de France)

“La Loi MAPAM décodée: une réforme... de la réforme” (A decoding of the MAPAM Act: a reform ... of the reform), published by Territorial (April 2014)


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